Porkland Management & Capital

This department function is to oversee the Executive management and administrative aspect of the whole company in terms of Planning,Organizing,Monitoring,Controlling, Human Resources, Acounting, Business Development Purchasing functions and Corporate Governance, whilst the Capital division is responsible the accounting and for the acquisition of minority and majority interests in other companies, onshore and offshore investments.

Pork Production

The Production department is solely responsible for rearing and production of pork by products that come through value addition and agro processing.

Porkland Marketing

Under this department all the marketing activities and public relations activities will be done here

Services at Porkland

Under this department all the marketing activities and public relations activities will be done here


This is where the gilts, boars and weaners are fed, and medicated from day old till there are ready for market. The rearing of the pigs is done onsite in well-constructed, and ventilated pig stys.To ensure effective cleaning, the pig sty’s have a drainage system to ensure that the sty’s are properly cleaned .Animal health and feeding is done under the advisement of our Technical Advisor and Director of Farm Operations, whom through his experience and expertise gives counsel on the best standards and feeding requirements.


When the pigs are ready for market, they can be delivered to the client live or slaughtered depending on the needs of our clientele. The slaughtering of pigs is done in a hygienic environment that recommended by our Safety, Health and Quality Assurance Director and inspected by the Town Council Health Department.The site at which slaughtering and rearing is done is cleaned and disinfected three times a day, our focus as a company is on the health of the pigs, their growth in a hygienic environment and excellence in all we do.


This service entails the movement pig carcasses, pork products and live pigs to the market in refrigerated trucks from the farm to the market or client.


As clearly indicated in our vision statement, a healthy and tasty pork product on every table in every home by Porkland Farm Investments. We at Porkland intend in passionately delivering a tasty experience, at an affordable price to the consumer through our current and future product range we intend to offer. We are driven as a company by two beliefs when it comes to consumer satisfactions which namely are: To create pork products that our consumers will lust for If any person will be having a pork product you will certainly know that it’s from Porkland A superior tasty and quality consumer experience is what we expect to offer our consumers.


This is part of the value addition and agro processing that we as a company will endeavour in Pig carcasses will be sliced to give different cuts that our clients can choose from as indicated below. These cuts form part of our product range that we will deliver. The slicing of our product will be done on site where there will be packaged and delivered to our clients. We intend eventually to become leading exporters of pork cuts within the region and beyond.


Porkland is a highly innovative agribusiness spearheaded by our Chief Technology Officer and Head of Strategy. We intend to invest in research so as to establish ourselves as market leaders and staying ahead in terms of latest technology trends and piggery production methods. We believe that if you are not innovating you don’t have a company, and for us innovation is driven through research.. As a company we intend to establish relationships with various stakeholders that will enable us to do research so that we have a competitive edge over our competitors.