Porkland Farm Investments (Pvt) Ltd is an agro based company whose core mandate is in Pork Production.Porkland Farm Investments is wholly owned by AgroChe Investment Company (Pvt) Ltd, an agricultural investment company.Porkland Farm Investments is led by an experienced, seasoned entrepreneur and advised by competent, skilled board with expertise in various fields so as to steer the company into prominence and dominance. We at Porkland believe that a people who passionately love what they are doing can change society for the better, we at Porkland just like our parent company, AgroChe Investment Company have chosen to express our love and passion through agriculture

Porkland Farm Investments is a part of AgroChe Investment Company which is an agro Investment company.Porkland Farm Investments specializes in the mass production of pork production and pork by products through piggery and agro processing. The business came into being after having noticed an ever increasing demand of pork, the need to reduce importation of this produce and the need of a substitute and more importantly promoting a healthy lifestyle through white meat consumption. In future Porkland Farm Investments will be the largest agro processing plant and exporter of all pork products in Zimbabwe and the entire SADC region and intends to replicate its business models in different parts of the country and in different nations in Africa and beyond.

The Company is managed by Chenjerai Chigwada, the Managing Director and Board Chairman, together with the board.The company comprises of a board with highly skilled individuals that holds expertise in various corporate roles and functions.

Porkland Farm Investment as stated earlier on that it is pork production entity that is aimed for commercial purpose The Company has various markets. The Managing director will devise innovative and creative marketing tools so as to achieve market dominance and creation of awareness of the product that the company is offering. The operations of the business is done the farms location in Tengwe Karoi.

At Porkland we are going to rear for pork Production and its by products, but in particular we are going to raise Large White. We are going to raise those that give more pork and beacon so as to get more out of the livestock so as to maximize profits. The Products that we produce are:

  • Pork Trouters
  • Pig Carcass
  • Pork Chops
  • Beacon
  • Pork liver
  • Pork bones

The services that are going to be involved in the business are:

  • Rearing of the sow and piglets this includes the feeding and medication
  • Slaughter of the piglets
  • Transportation of carcasses to market and refrigeration
  • The slicing of the carcass into different parts which are our products.
  • Delivery of products to customer
  • To provide best pork products to its local, national and regional market and ordinary citizens
  • To create employment in Zimbabwe and in other territories it serves.
  • To meet the national and regional demand for pork
  • To become the biggest pork production Entity in southern Africa and Beyond
  • To contribute significantly to the GDP of our beloved nation Zimbabwe and other nations it serves
  • To contribute positively to community development initiatives

Our Vision

A healthy and tasty pork product on every table in every home by Porkland Farm Investments

Our Values

Mission Statement

We are in the business of passionately delivering healthy and tasty pork products

"No one knows pork production like the way we do"

Our Mantra

We at Porkland believe that a people who passionately love what they are doing can change society for the better, we at Porkland just like our parent company, AgroChe Investment Company have chosen to express our love and passion through agriculture. We are greatly persuaded that agriculture has the ability to eradicate and uplift ethnic groups, societies and nations out of poverty. Our worst and common enemy we face is poverty. We at Porkland want to be part of that change agent in poverty eradication and help push the society forward

Chenjerai Chigwada.
Managing Director and Chairman of Board

Chenjerai Chigwada has valuable experience in Banking, Credit Management and Entrepreneurship In 2015 he helped co-found WealthMasters, a marketplace initiative that specialized in investment mobilization, business skilling and opportunity listing across African contient.In the same year he founded Continental African Resources, a commodities and brokerage company.

In 2019 with his love for agriculture saw him establish Porkland Farm Investments, a subsidiary of AgroChe Investment Company.Porkland Farm Investments is, an agro concern involved in the production and processing of pork.

Chenjerai Chigwada

Founder and Board Chairman

Wadzanai Chakwana has valuable experience in the finance sector, having worked in so many finance roles in the private sector in Zimbabwe. His desire for value addition in every business environment has ushered him into the field of auditing where he started as an audit associate with KLM Chartered Accountancy before he moved up the ladder to become audit senior with the office of Auditor General in Zimbabwe. He loves technology and that has seen him working towards a CISA qualification. Has acquired vast experience in private sector audit, parastatals and local authorities in Zimbabwe. Wadzanai holds a Bachelor of sciences honors degree in Accountancy with Chinhoyi University of Technology and is also a member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountancy (ACCA).

Wadzanai Chakwana

Chief Accountant and Auditor

Tinashe Shangwa has vast experience in the finance sector, having worked in various finance roles for the European Union and SADC,the University of Zimbabwe and the Institute of Administration and Commerce.His love for technology saw him co found Nhava, the first African Laptop Brand .In 2011 he moved to SA to start a finance consulting company and in 2014  he co founded the mobile digital advertising company SmartNetwork.He is currently the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Evolearn, a digital learning company

Tinashe Shangwa

Chief Financial Officer and Head of Financial Strategy

John, has valuable experience in the service science, technology, innovation and business operation sectors and in 2009, he helped co found NHAVA, the first African Branded laptop.In 2012, John worked in the business consultancy service industry, co-founding SmartNetwork, the mobile digital advertising company in 2014.In 2016 John co-founded Evolearn.

John Shangwa

Chief Technology Officer and Head of Strategy

Tanaka Gomo has remarkable experience in Safety, Health, Environment and quality management systems. She holds an honours degree in Environmental Science with Bindura University.Tanaka worked at Masimba Construction, Eastgate Project and is currently the SHEQ officer at A&Sons Construction, under which she oversee their projects such as

Bon Marche Sam Levy,Larfage Project,OK Victoria Falls,OK Mutare,OK karoi,OK Kwekwe,OK Gweru and BJ Southgate Mall Braeside.

Tanaka Gomo

 Safety, Health and Quality Assurance Director

Marvin has valuable experience experience in the Animal Health and Production. Marvin is a animal production specialist who graduated with a B.Sc. Hon Animal Production and Technology with CUT and is currently a commercial Sales Manager for Coopers Animal Health, Ecomark Environmental Health and Ecofarm Crop Chemicals.He also worked in a Technical Advisory capacity since 2018.


Marvin Lordshare Musanzika

Technical Advisor and Director of Farm Operations

Willie is a legal consultant who has a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. He is skilled in legal research, contract drafting and negotiation, intellectual property and general legal consultancy. He earned his law degree at UNISA and is also an entrepreneur and also is the founder of Eyelegal Network.

Willie Mupona

 Legal Advisor and Company Lawyer