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Welcome to Porkland

Porkland Farm Investments (Pvt) Ltd is an agro Investment company whose core business is in pork production. Porkland Farm Investments is wholly owned by AgroChe Investment Company.

What we Offer

As Porkland, we deliver the best healthy and tasty pork products namely, Pork Trotters, Pig Carcass, Pork Shoulders, Pork Chops and Weaners at competitive prices.

Porkland Management & Capital

This department function is to oversee the day to day management and administrative aspect...

Porkland Production

The Production department is solely responsible for rearing and production of pork by...

Porkland Marketing

Under this department all the marketing activities and public relations activities will be done here...


Sow & piglets, this includes the feeding and medication


of the piglets in a clean and hygienic environment


of carcasses to market, depot. refrigeration

"The Pork Experts"


fresh and affordable consumer products


of the carcass into different parts which are our products


continuous research and study on best practice